09 Feb


What Your Child will Learn in February 2015



Theme for the month: Transport Fun


Modes of transport have always been a point of fascination for all ages especially preschoolers. This topic is a part of their everyday lives since they drive or walk to school, have seen or ridden on a bus or taken an airplane to go on a vacation.


This natural interest in transportation is something they experience in their lives, which brings life to the theme.


Taking them to the railway station, bus depot or airport would be a good idea to enhance their learning experience.

Effective usage of Role plays, Audio Visual learning and technology will be used as a methodology to make this learning interesting.


 Vocabulary will be enhanced through the introduction of letters Xx, Yy, Zz and picture vocabulary related to the theme. Along with these, various book browsing, picture talk, rhymes and stories will be done on a regular basis.


 The child will be exposed to numerals, concept of colours and shapes to increase their knowledge base in this area and for effective development of their logical and reasoning skills.


Kindly note the following schedule for the month of February 2015:



 Activity / Event                Particulars
26/2/15 Tell a Fairy Tale Day Students have to dress up as any fairy tale character.
3/3/15 Transport Day

Students to bring a toy vehicle in a well labelled zip lock bag.


A hard copy of the Rhymes of the month will be given to your child in class.


We again reiterate that by reading story books and making your home a print rich space, you will improve your child’s ability to master new learning.


Do encourage your children to share their views on the stories and movies that they may have heard or seen. Ask questions and listen to them attentively. It will build their confidence and enhance their self esteem. Their efforts need a lot of appreciation and positive affirmations to progress well.



Looking forward to an exciting month of learning and discovery.