05 Dec

Dear Parent,

Greetings from Universal Education!

We are pleased to invite you for an interactive workshop on Effective Parenting for Grades I to V from our Department of Counseling & Research.

We have always believed that school and parents should work together as partners to give good care and upbringing to the children under our care.

We also understand the anxious moments you are going through as parents, often wondering why and how your child is responding to the new challenges introduced by the surrounding.

Let us explore and learn together what is happening to these children and what are the effective ways to understand and deal with them.

NB : A hard copy of circular is sent with your child. Kindly fill in the consent form and send it with your child by the due date.

Hope to see you in good numbers.  

Kindly note the workshop details:

Day/Date: 10th December 2016              

Time: 9.45 am

Venue: Universal High School, Thane