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Reading is an accrued skill which fuels imagination and develops thinking. Reading feeds 14 billion brain cells and helps to reassure, to entertain, to bond, to inform or explain, to arouse curiosity and to inspire. Our school has always believed in the importance of reading and has introduced varied programs to enhance reading skills in the students. To further this endeavour, the school has commenced with a Library Enrichment Programme. This programme encompasses setting up of a class library, read aloud, think aloud sessions and the big book reading sessions.


The Big Book Read Aloud Programme is an endeavour that the school has commenced for Classes Nursery to Sr.Kg. The Big Books enrich critical thinking and verbal language development through modelled reading, through risk-free participation by the children and through the meaningful teaching of skills within context – I See….I Think…& I Wonder….These resources are very effective for the interactive read aloud and think aloud sessions that help teach reading strategies to develop comprehension, and emphasize on skills like prediction, visualization, asking questions, making connections and so on.

This programme will surely get our young readers excited about reading.


Reading at home is an essential component of the reading program. We would like parents to encourage reading at home too as an extension of the school’s efforts and foster a positive home-school connection.


Together in the cause of quality education.

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