1. The school fees are to be paid by cheque/DDs only. Cheques/DDs to be drawn in the name of Universal High.
  2. Fees for the entire academic year can be paid together.
  3. At the time of admission, the first instalment is payable by DD along with post dated cheques of the remaining 3 quarters of the academic year.
  4. The fees are payable in instalments as prescribed by the school only on or before the scheduled dates. The payment of fees by installment is intended merely to facilitate the parents and should not be in any manner be construed as a right. The management reserves its right to discontinue and/or reduce payment by instalments at its discretion.
  5. Fees once paid are non-transferable / non-adjustable / non-refundable under any circumstances and are subject to the exceptions as set out in the refund policy. The management, however, reserves its right to refund any amount of fees at its sole discretion considering the peculiarity of a particular case.
  6. Leaving Certificate will be issued only after full and complete settlement of outstanding dues for the term. Application for withdrawal must be submitted to the school office a minimum of one month prior to the end of the term.
  7. Any statutory taxes, if made applicable and/or if increased for the school and/or for any facility provided by the school, shall have to be borne and shall have to be paid by parents from time to time.
  8. In case of any cheque towards payment of fees being dishonoured, the management reserves its right to de-enroll the student at its discretion and levy any other penalty as it may deem fit.
  9. The management reserves its right to not issue hall tickets, internal examination results, reports, transfer certificates, leaving certificates or recommendations to future school schools/colleges whose fees remain unpaid in full or in part.
  10. The school reserves the right to increase / revise / amend the fee structure as may be required from time to time in view of change of government policies and/or the economic conditions (including, but not limited to, inflation, etc.)