What Your Child will Learn in February 2015

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Theme for the month: Transport Fun


The joy of life lies in “Exploring the world” and what better way to do that than by learning about various modes of transport.


This theme will teach children about different automobiles, trains and airplanes. Their utility, safety measures and responsible citizenship that should be adopted.


As parents, you can talk to them about the importance of pollution control by opting for car pool or using public modes of transport as and when possible. Set an example for your children by switching off the ignition when stopping at signals and following traffic rules and explaining them the objective of the same.


Effective usage of Audio Visual learning, hands on experiences, technology and role plays would form a part of our teaching strategies.




Your child will learn to write letters Aa- Zz independently.


There will be recapitulation of all sounds done, tricky words and 3 letter words.Your child will also learn rhymes, stories, show and tell activity, picture talk, book browsing, newspaper reading and reading short sentences.




Reinforcement of numerals, concepts of colour, shape and size will be done.


Kindly note the following schedule for the month of February 2015:



Activity/Event Particulars
11/2/15 Car Activity Students to bring a small labelled empty match box covered with white paper.
20/2/15 Portfolio Activity Students to bring a post card size (4” x 6”) landscape photograph of themselves with their best friend.
26/2/15 Tell a Fairy Tale Day  Students have to narrate their favourite fairy tale. They can dress up as any character from that tale and use props to narrate the story.
3/3/15 Transport Day Students to bring a well labelled toy vehicle (road, rail, water or air transport) and say 2-3 sentences on it for the show and tell activity.
5/3/15 Pink  and Purple Day Celebration Girls to bring a pink coloured object and boys to bring a purple coloured object for the show and tell activity.

A hard copy of the Rhymes of the month and Phonic words will be given to your child in class.


We again reiterate that by reading story books and making your home a print rich space, you will improve your child’s ability to master new learning.


Do encourage your children to share their views on the stories and movies that they may have heard, read or seen. Ask questions and listen to them attentively. It will build their confidence and enhance their self esteem. Their efforts need a lot of appreciation and positive affirmations to progress well.


Looking forward to an exciting month of learning and discovery.

Our Best,

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