What Your Child will Learn in March and April 2015

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Theme for the month: Our Helpers


As part of Global Citizenship – ‘Think Global, Act Local’ children must begin to understand the important contribution of the local community to which they belong. We feel safe and secure, thanks to the service provided by Community helpers such as policemen. Through this theme children will be introduced to the common community helpers, their role and service to the nation.


The best way to teach preschoolers about community helpers is through real experience and dramatic play. To have a life-long visual impact, you can take them for a trip to a local farm, stop and watch a local construction site to study the machines, write a thank you note to their teachers, watch the garbage and recycling trucks or browse the internet to learn more.


Dramatic play and techno-aided lessons will help to bring the community helpers into the classroom.




Your child will also learn to write letters Aa-Zz independently.


There will be recapitulation of all sounds done, tricky words and 3 letter words. Your child will also learn rhymes, stories, show and tell activity, picture talk, book browsing, and newspaper reading and also read short sentences.




Reinforcement of numerals, concepts of colour, shape and size will be done.


Kindly note the following schedule for the month of March-April 2015:


Date Activity/Event Particulars
19/3/15 Water play Students to bring the swimming costume, cap, goggles, big towel and a small plastic bag to keep wet clothes.
8/4/15 Community Helper’s  Day Students to dress up as any one community helper and speak few sentences on the same.
10/4/15 Term End Party Students to wear cotton casual party wear.
11/4/15 Report Card Day Parents to come in the time slots given below: 

Roll No. Morning shift Afternoon shift
Roll no. 1 to 10 9:30 am 11:30 am
Roll no. 11 to 20 10:00 am 12:00 noon
Roll no. 21 to 31 10:30 am 12:30 pm

*Please note:- 10th April 2015, will be the last working day for students.


A hard copy of the Rhymes of the month and Phonic words will be given to your child in class.


Looking forward to an exciting month of learning and discovery.


Our Best,
Authorised Personnel

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