What Your Child will Learn in March and April 2015



Theme for the month – Community Helpers


A community needs many people to pitch in for it to function well. The community helpers are very often those who have a direct interaction with other members of the community and deliver a service that is critical for the well-being of the community. So, it’s important for all of us to know the ways in which community helpers make our lives better. Thus the theme, ‘Community Helpers’ will teach our children to respect and appreciate the role they play in our community.


As parents, you can give them first-hand experience by mailing a letter or interacting with the community helpers around them.


Dramatic play and techno-aided lessons will help to bring the community helpers into the classroom.




Vocabulary will be enhanced through the introduction of letters ‘Yy’ and ‘Zz’, and sight words related to the theme. Along with these various activities like show and tell, nature talk, rhymes and stories will be done on a regular basis.




The child will be exposed to numerals, concept of colours and shapes.


Kindly note the following schedule for the month of March-April 2015:



 Activity / Event                Particulars


Water play Students to bring the swimming costume, cap, goggles, big towel and a small plastic bag to keep wet clothes.
23/3/15 First Aid Kit Students to bring one small empty shoe box covered with white chart paper along with band aid and gauze.
31/3/15 Purple Day Celebration Students to wear purple coloured clothes and carry one purple coloured well labelled object for show and tell activity.


Community Helper’s  Day Students to dress up as any one community helper.
10/4/15 Term End Party Students to wear cotton casual party wear.
11/4/15 Report Card Day

Parents to come in the time slots given below:

Roll no. 1 to 10  –  9:30 am

Roll no. 11 to 20 –  10:00 am

Roll no. 21 to 31 –  10:30 am

*Please note:- 10th April 2015, will be the last working day for students.


A hard copy of the Rhymes of the month will be given to your child in class.


Looking forward to an exciting month of learning and discovery.

Our Best,
Authorised Personnel

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