Playgroup – Synopsis – March and April 2016

What Your Child will Learn in March and April 2016



Theme for the month: Community Helpers

Community helpers form an integral part of our society. In this theme, children will be made to understand the role, each helper plays in serving the society. Daily helpers, such as the milkman, sweeper etc. will be discussed, in addition to emergency helpers like doctors and firefighters as well. The ultimate goal is for the child to recognize and understand their functions and build respect for the helpers.

As parents, you can let your toddlers explore their surroundings by interacting with the community helpers around them.

Effective usage of Audio Visual learning, hands on experiences, technology and role plays will be the methodology used to make this topic interesting and engaging.

To make their learning more enjoyable, you can explore books related to the theme and visit websites on the following :

community Helpers

Community Helpers Song



Recapitulation of letters  Aa to Zz will be done and picture vocabulary related to the theme will be enhanced. Along with these, various activities like book browsing, picture talk, rhymes and stories will be done on a regular basis.


Reinforcement of numerals, concepts of colour, shape and size will be done.

Kindly note the following schedule for the month of March-April 2016:





World Story Telling Day

Students to bring their favourite story book.


World Poetry Day

Students to learn a poem and recite in class.


Community Helper’s  Day

Students to dress up as any one community helper and speak a few sentences on the same.


Year End Party

Detailed circular to follow.


Progress reports

Parents to come according to the time slots given to them.

*Please note:- 12th April 2016, will be the last working day for students.


A hard copy of the Rhymes will be given to your child in class.

Looking forward to an exciting month of learning and discovery.

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Playgroup – Synopsis – March and April 2016

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