What Your Child will Learn in March and April 2016

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Theme for the month: Our Solar System

Our Earth is one of the nine planets that circles the sun, making up the solar system. While children are always intrigued to know all about the planet earth, they would be equally keen to know about the solar system. Children are fascinated by the great wonder that lies beyond the sky. The twinkling stars seem to reside in a magical place that they would like to visit. Thus, through this unit we aim to make them understand facts on the solar system in an interesting way that would leave a long lasting impression on their young minds.

The main objective is for our children to inculcate a lifelong interest and curiosity in the wonders of the universe.

You can expand their learning experience, by camping under the night sky or taking them for a trip to the planetarium. Even though they won’t understand everything, they will be fascinated by the magnitude and movement of the stars and constellations.

Effective usage of Audio Visual learning, hands on experiences, technology and role plays will be the methodology used to make this topic interesting and engaging.

To make their learning more enjoyable, you can explore books related to the theme and visit websites on the following:

All About Planets

Kids Astronomy

NASA Solar System for Kids



Independent writing, recapitulation of all the digraphs and tricky words.

To reinforce the use of new vocabulary, usage of the following words will be encouraged: vacate, empty, search, look for.


The child will learn numerals from 1-100 with number name 20. We shall do simple addition, subtraction and work on their logical and reasoning skills. They will also learn about the varied shades of purple.

Science Experiment:

Your child will learn about shadows through hands on experiments.

Kindly note the following schedule for the month of March-April 2016:






World Story Telling Day

Students to share information about National Bravery Awards received by children (preferably girls) as the theme of the year for World Storytelling Day is “Strong Women”


World Poetry Day

Students to learn a poem and recite in class.


Graduation Day

Invite will be mailed.


Year End Party

Detailed circular to follow.


Progress reports

Parents to come according to the time slots given to them.


*Please note:- 12th April 2016, will be the last working day for students.


A hard copy of the Rhymes will be given to your child in class.

Looking forward to an exciting month of learning and discovery.

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