Student Stories

Grishma Kumar-Class VII D

I have been a student of Universal high School since Jr KG. This institution is a very special place for me. The congenial atmosphere is the driving force to be present in school every single day. The attachment has grown up to such an extent that even if I have to change my area of residence I would love continue being a student of Universal High.

My school imparts education using innovative methods making learning a joyful experience for all the students. What I find great about my school are my ‘Teachers’. All my teachers are ready to go out of their way to enrich the teaching learning process. Personal attention is given to students finding difficulty in any subjects enabling to boost the morale of a student. I was really weak in Hindi and Marathi, but all the teachers who have taught me these subjects have helped me develop interest in this subject through their hard work and relentless effort. I have picked up the attitude of ‘Never give up’ from my teachers.

The varied Extra-curricular activities have helped me in developing intellectual, imaginative, social, physical, and moral skills. I enjoy the Life Skill period that has well equipped me to confront day to day challenges of life.

The various intra school and inter competitions have motivated me to perform to the best of my abilities. Winning Prizes has been the most exciting and rewarding.

Education is indeed a gift that changes life forever and Universal High has not just educated my mind but also my heart and therefore I consider it to be a greatest blessing to be a student of Universal High.

Neel Kulkarni-VIII A

As a student of Class VIII I take pride to be a Universalite. I have been in this school for the past 10 years and the experience has been truly amazing.

Being a sports person the school has helped me by providing various platforms in honing my swimming skills. The opportunities granted by the school to participate in various external competitions has enabled me to reach the State Level. I was felicitated and appreciated by our honourable Principal Ma’am and all the teachers during the assembly.  

NASA conducts missions that include everything from studying distant worlds to improve life on Earth. Our school had arranged trip to NASA and because of my school’s co-operation I was a part of this inspiring tour. I met a few scientists and exchanged my insights with them. I not only gained self-confidence after returning from this tour, but it also enhanced my personality. In my near future I would strive to become a scientist.

Teacher’s positivity and encouragement brightens my days in this school. If we are unable to comprehend the concept, the teacher does not hesitate to explain it all over again with much of patience, care and dedication. They say teachers teach to make a difference. My teachers have definitely made a positive difference in my life. I am thankful to be a part of such a stupendous institution, where utmost care is taken for the overall development of every student.

Parth Gharpurey-Class XII A

I joined Universal High School in 2017, as a student of grade 11. This organization has bestowed me a lot opportunities to grow in every manner possible. The student-friendly environment here appeals to me the most. The infrastructure and the facilities provided by the school are incomparable.

The technology aided teaching methods, innovative methods of teaching, subject-expert sessions, the dynamic teaching staff, makes it a unique experience for all the students. Personal attention is given to each student who is unable to cope in any subjects. I found it difficult to master Accounts and Economics, but my teachers helped me in these subjects. I have picked up the attitude of ‘Never give up’ from my teachers.

The varied intra school and inter competitions have helped me in developing intellectual, imaginative, social, physical, and moral skills. This enabled me to win 1st   position in DSO and a silver medal in AS ISC National Games in the year 2017 followed by 2nd position and a bronze medal in 2018. Winning Prizes has been the most exciting and rewarding and it has also enhanced the skills of sportsmanship and team work in me.

Universal High holds a special place in my heart. It has shaped and moulded me at every stage not just in terms of academics but also my personality. I am highly obliged and grateful to Universal High and blessed to be a part of this esteemed institution.

Sai Smaran Epari - X A

As I graduate this year from Grade 10th, I thank Universal High School, Thane from the bottom of my heart for what I am today. I joined the school in Grade 1, when my parents moved in to Thane. The journey I have had in the school in something I will cherish all through my life – for the kind of support and warmth I have received from the school faculty and the personalized attention from each of my teachers and the priceless friends I got in these 10 years of my student life.

Throughout this journey, my school has been a wonderful helping hand in shaping my personality and instilling discipline in me. I have had a wide gamut of opportunities in this school and have also been recognized for little things which I have achieved. I feel lucky and blessed by the almighty that with the help of the school’s guidance I have been able to achieve so many honours along the way. Be it the merit awards, or the medals in the Olympiads, the selection as a star correspondent for the Times NIE, representing the school in the UNIMUN, or participating in the debates, quizzes, mock-parliament sessions… it was all possible but for the constant encouragement and guidance from the teachers and the fabulous peer group which I had at the school.

I like the school for inculcating in me a versatile personality by giving me the numerous opportunities be it academics or sports or cultural activities like drama and dance for the annual function or anchoring the shows at the annual function. Being appointed as the House Vice-Captain and the Assistant Head Boy of the school was a privilege for me, as I was given a precious opportunity to guide, lead, cooperate and triumph in group activities. I will forever be indebted to the pedagogues of my school who have consoled me in my failures, supported me in my pursuits, and have given life-learning lessons to me. To conclude, it has indeed been a fabulous journey for me. Every day was unique and an experience in itself. I thank my school with all my heart for everything they have done for me.

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